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Dock Rmah - To Trinh - Miranda Arana - Kim Oanh - Phong Nguyen
(from left to right)

Presenting traditional and folk musics of Vietnam with

  • Dr. Phong Nguyen (Director), zither, lute, flute, voice
  • Ms. Miranda Arana, bamboo flute
  • Ms. Kim Oanh, dance, voice & zither
  • Mr. Dock Rmah, xylophone & bamboo zither
  • Ms. To Trinh, dance, voice & zither


Concerts, Lectures, Workshops, Research, Residencies
on Music and Dance

Melodies and Movement from Vietnam

Melodies and Movement from Vietnam Music in Vietnam has a complex and varied tradition, buffeted by both war and modernity. Dr. Phong Nguyen, a 1997 National Heritage Fellow and one of the world's leading guardians of this traditional music, and members of his ensemble perform a wide range of the gentle yet jazzy traditional and folk musics and dance from Northern, Central, Highlands, and Southern regions, each with its distinctive melodies and rhythms.

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